Creating my blog: How did I go?

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about creating my blog. I have never blogged or created any kind of webpage before and even though I know what a valuable and useful tool they are, the whole idea seemed quite daunting. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it actually was. I decided to use WordPress and encountered no problems setting up my blog – I think that the hardest part was coming up with a user name that I was comfortable with that wasn’t already taken!


My greatest challenge has been trying to customise my blog so that it is user-friendly, both for me and those reading it. I have been exploring the Dashboard and learning about the different widgets, particularly ‘Categories’. I have set up a category for this subject and plan on doing this for each subject as a way of organising my posts. I attempted to create a page for this subject as the page tabs are easier to find than the categories link but was unable to post to it. I have decided to keep the page and added a hyperlink to the categories widget to help overcome that issue.


I have a lot to learn about my blog and blogging but I am proud to say that I am not at all scared of it any more. In fact, I’m quite enjoying it!


I also think that I will be using the following link in the weeks to come as I become more accustomed to writing posts.


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