Are school librarians an endangered species?

The message common to the statements made on the 30 Second Thought Leadership: Insights from Leaders in the School Library Community from Jan/Feb 2012 is that school librarians may be threatened but they are definitely not extinct. On the contrary, they are becoming increasingly important as schools strive to develop information literate students and prepare them for living in the 21st century.

In order to save themselves from extinction, school librarians need to redefine their role to reflect the crucial part they are playing in navigating students through the “complex media and information landscape” (Henry Jenkins). They need to actively promote this role and their unique and vital position in achieving educational outcomes to all involved in their school communities. They need to ensure that the school librarian is seen as a leader and an expert in teaching and learning in the information age. Stressing the importance and value of qualified school librarians to our schools is needed if our schools are to truly see us as a valuable and essential asset.

American Library Association. (2012). 30 second thought leadership. In American Association of School Librarians. Retrieved from



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