My name is Lauren Jarvis and I have recently begun my journey towards my Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship).

I began working in a public library as a casual library assistant when I was 15 and absolutely loved it. I continued working in the library and studied part of a Librarianship degree before I decided on a change in career and started my teaching degree.

After two wonderful years teaching in the classroom I went on maternity leave before returning to work part time as a teacher librarian. I love that I have been given the opportunity to combine the two jobs that I have loved and am passionate about in this role.

I always intended to study to become a qualified teacher librarian at some stage and have decided to undertake this course now as I think about the direction that I would like my career to take in the years ahead. I’m undecided about exactly what I would like to be doing in the next few years but I feel that studying this course will provide greater opportunities and options for me.

I am excited about the learning journey I have embarked on and look forward to challenging myself and continuing my professional development over the next few years.


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